the wedding planner’s handbook

Whether you just opened shop or you've been in business for years, we've got you covered.


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make your planning business work for you (instead of you working for it)

We’ve been planning weddings all over the world for the past 10 years with our company, Firefly Events and we’ve experienced all the wedding business highs, lows, and bumps in between.

After years of wishing someone had been there to help us with all the things we didn’t know, we created The Firefly Method For Planners! We’ve finally bundled everything you need to make your planning business work for you (instead of you working for it), into one easy online course:


Inside we’re breaking down all the nitty gritty details of planning weddings for multiple clients on a daily basis- and SO much more!


Inside The Wedding Planner’s Handbook, we’re tackling everything from attracting your ideal client to getting your work published, and ALL the things in between. We’ve included hours of video training along with tons of usable downloads to give you a step by step guide to each of our processes. You can follow along chronologically (binge-watch, anyone?!) or jump to any section that you might need help with at the moment. It’s time to take your business to the next level!

Sections include:

  • BACKEND ORGANIZATION (this is a looong one!)

  • OUR THREE FOUNDATIONAL DOCUMENTS (we use these with every client)

  • ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT (it took us years to crack this one)

  • WORK/LIFE BALANCE + SELF CARE (the key to staying in business)

  • THE PLANNING PROCESS (we’re covering allll the things(!!) including contracts, proposals, budgets, timelines, and email templates)

  • DAY-OF PREPARATION (here’s how we keep track of every single teeny-tiny detail for the big day)

  • WEDDING DAY EXECUTION (the ultimate guide to staying cool under pressure and making your clients cry tears of joy!)

  • POST WEDDING WRAP UP (each successful wedding = many new clients)




Yes! If you’re like us, something you might miss is “other people”! That sounds kinda funny, but sometimes being a small business owner can feel a little lonely. We’re all working away behind our computers and can often go days (or more!) without seeing anyone else from the industry, especially other planners.

This can feel lonely at best, and detrimental to your business at worst. Wanna know one of the secrets to our success? Relationships!

Our friends in the industry are our collaborators, our sounding boards, our inspiration, our rock, and usually the only ones who can truly understand what we do all day ;).

They simultaneously push us to do better work, while also sharing critical resources. They’re there for us when it’s time to celebrate the wins and when it feel like the house is on fire (we’ve alll been there!). And of course, we love doing all these things for them, as well!

Since we believe community is a crucial piece of the success “puzzle” for wedding planners, we’ve included a live component to The Wedding Planner’s Handbook!

We’ll be holding monthly live video calls, exclusively for planners who have purchased the course. On these calls, we’ll be offering mentorship, coaching, and ultimately facilitating an international network of wedding planners who can support and lift each other up!

Your purchase of the The Wedding Planner’s Handbook, includes a 6 month subscription to our monthly live video calls! After that you’re welcome to re-subscribe at any time. Subscriptions will ONLY be offered to those who have purchased The Wedding Planner’s Handbook, so that we can all be “on the same page” :)

We will also be holding live events for planners (more on that soon!) and discounts + pre-sale opportunities will always be offered to this community, first!



Yes! The Wedding Planner’s Handbook will give you all the foundational tools you need to start running a successful wedding planning business, right now. To put it simply, we’ve spent years perfecting our processes and systems- so you don’t have to!

Skip all the trial and error and get right to the proven strategies that have helped us to double our profits year after year. It’s time to stop googling and get some honest mentorship from planners who have stood in your shoes. We’re here with concrete answers that will give you the confidence to book your dream clients and create flawless weddings that you can feel proud of. PLUS we’ve got you covered with customizable email templates, proposals, contracts, budgets, timelines, design boards, and more!


We’ve got you covered! The truth is, we all hit a plateau at some point…or at many points ;). One of our biggest complaints inside of our own business was that there simply wasn’t enough time to create new systems, or even perfect the ones we had.

Every day felt like a sprint and we needed every last second to reply to emails and chisel away at our massive To-Do list.

It was a vicious cycle that only served our short term goals (making it to the end of the day in one piece!) and never gave us room for bigger, long term goals. Goals like attracting clients that were a better fit, breaking into a higher end market, booking more destination weddings, etc. To make matters worse, our lack of organization and strategies, often led to silly mistakes, wasting tons of time (so frustrating!), and a mean case of burnout.

If any of this sounds familiar, we’ve got you covered! Inside The Wedding Planner’s Handbook, we’ve created all the worksheets, templates, emails, documents and step by step videos you need to streamline your workflow, gain control over your days, provide your clients with stellar service, make more profit, and finally find that white space to dream big!





release date

The Wedding Planner’s Handbook will be released on March 25th, straight to your inbox! On that date, you’ll also receive all the details about our monthly live video calls. You’ll have lifetime access to the full course, including any updates we make in the future! *Terms & Conditions apply.

refund policy

The Firefly Method is proud to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee (from date of program delivery) with no questions asked subject to the 14-day refund time frame. We don’t like being hassled when we want our money back, and we want to extend the same courtesy to you. Our refund is good for “The Wedding Planner’s Handbook”. We’re all about bringing you a top experience from start to finish. If you’re not completely satisfied with the “The Wedding Planner’s Handbook” for any reason, just contact us at hello@fireflymethod.com with subject heading “Cancellation Request” for a full refund. After the 14-day period from the date of delivery, The Firefly Method programs are non-cancellable and nonrefundable. 

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