How to use PINTEREST to create a cohesive wedding design


Let’s talk design! The first stop after getting engaged is often setting up a Pinterest board, to start dreaming up the perfect design for the big day. As wedding planners, Pinterest is a tool that we also use on a daily basis. It’s a great place to get those creative juices flowing and find tons of inspiration. The only downside is that sometimes you can find too much inspiration! If you feel like you might be falling into a Pinterest hole, we’re here with the life preserver 😜.

Photo by  Heather Waraksa

We’ve put together a quick video walking you through our 3 step process for creating a cohesive wedding design. We’re all about getting creative and finding inspiration everywhere we look…but we also know that this comes easier to some than to others. The good news is, this process will work for the die-hard Pinterest enthusiast as well as those of you who might feel a little intimidated or just unexcited about this part of wedding planning.

Photo by Heather Waraksa

Photo by Heather Waraksa

Not only will this Pinterest board be a tool for you to create a wedding design that feels exciting and authentic to you and your partner, but it’s also an amazing tool to send to vendors! It will give them an idea of exactly the direction you want to go in and help them make suggestions that are meaningful and move the process forward.

You can download your video HERE, and in less than 15 minutes you’ll be ready to start your first Pinterest board. Oh, and remember to have fun!

Teissia and Alia