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How to find the perfect venue and avoid the most common budget pitfall

The most exciting step in planning your wedding is often selecting the VENUE! Once you’ve locked this down, you’ll also have the added bonus of picking a date. Hunting for a venue can feel equal parts exhilarating and daunting because there’s no denying that this one piece will inform almost every other decision you make going forward. Oh, and it’s the one vendor you can’t skip...even if you’re eloping!


(Photo by Heather Waraksa)


Below, we’re going to dig into the nitty-gritty of what makes a great venue, but first, you may want to download this cut and paste email template + checklist we’ve created! The checklist includes all the information you’ll want to check off for each venue, so you can have everything you need on one page. PLUS, with our email template, we’ve included detailed questions that will help you avoid the most common budget pitfall: missing hidden costs!


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