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3 ways to put your wedding planning on AUTOPILOT

Today we’re talking about one of our favorite things in the world: AUTOMATION! Yup, you read that right :). “Automation” isn’t a super sexy word, but stick with us for a sec. One of the best ways to enjoy wedding planning (and keep from the dreaded overwhelm) is to do less of it.

(Photo by Leo Patrone)


These days, the best way to do less work planning is to make your computer do more! We’ve got 3 simple automation tips that will let you set it and forget it, so you can get back to binging your favorite Netflix show next weekend, in no time. We’ve also created a FREE RESOURCES SHEET to get a list of our go-to tools around the web. By the way, all of our go-to tools are also free...because that’s the way we roll ;)

Pick a list-making system and use it religiously  

You’ll be amazed by how much faster you can check things off your list, once you actually HAVE a list! Plus, trying to remember everything in your head,...

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