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Creating and curating your guest list


(Photo by Jose Villa)

How many people should you invite to your wedding? That sounds like an innocent enough question, right? While it can be for some couples, for most, this question can lead to many late night conversations, which often include connecting the dots of every social connection you have (“if we invite Sarah, then we have to invite Joe, John and Emily”). How do you narrow down the final list? You and your partner might also have different ideas about the ideal size of a guest list, and your parents might have yet another. How do you find a common ground?

And once your guest list is solidified, how do you actually collect all of those addresses!? Sending wedding invitations may be the first time you’ve sent paper mail in years, so we’ve got a great free bonus that will walk you through our favorite (super simple) process for collecting addresses! But more on that later.

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