Welcome to an online planning program that allows you to plan the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank! 


So, how much does a wedding actually cost? If you’re engaged, this is probably one of the first questions that popped into your mind (after a little celebrating!).
After creating hundreds of budgets, we’ve come up with a two-step process that works for any kind of wedding. 

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The perks of a full-service wedding planner at a fraction of the price


We’re Teissia + Alia and we’re wedding planners! We’ve been planning weddings all over the country for the past 9 years with our company, Firefly Events and we’ve spoken with thousands of newly engaged couples. We’ve seen first hand how planning a wedding can make people feel stressed, unhappy and overwhelmed...which is probably the opposite of how you felt when you got engaged! That’s why we’ve created The Firefly Method for Engaged Couples. We’ve bundled everything you need to plan your wedding like a pro, all in one place.

The Firefly Method will be opening it's doors again this fall, but you can get on the waiting list now!

Stay on the right track

You can stop guessing about what comes next, because we’re giving you our roadmap for the entire planning process. The same one we use for each and every event! Plus, we've made it super easy to navigate and update when life happens.

Clear and simple steps

We're all about those details so we've broken every step of the process into bitesize actions. We're also giving you all of our formulas, templates and video tutorials that we use behind the scenes, so you can do more in less time. 

We're with you

Not only will we be talking you through each step in real time, but we also have "office hours" in our private Facebook group (just for couples going through the program!), where you can ask us anything that's on your mind.

Wedding planning can be fun!

Your friends may have told you otherwise, but it's true! The secret is, wedding planning isn’t rocket science. Instead, it’s a set of skills that most people only use once, so they never get a chance to perfect them. Well, we’ve spent nearly a decade tweaking and repeating each piece of the puzzle until we’ve found what works. These systems and hacks are easy to replicate and can cut down on the amount of time you spend on wedding planning, by at least 50%. No joke!

You deserves an amazing planning experience and a beautiful wedding

Not everyone has room in their budget for a full service wedding planner and that’s why we’ve brought this whole thing online. Inside The Firefly Method, we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing our clear and simple steps to things like personalized budget creation, making a cohesive wedding style, and finding the best vendors to bring it all to life

Are you ready to start planning your wedding with more joy and less overwhelm?


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